blue is the darkest color

About me

I’m Amy Carlsen and this website is mainly for myself. During the nights that I can’t sleep I like to write and I found an online diary is the best way to express myself and challenge myself in growing into a stronger and more independent person. On this website I will post my photograps, write articles and reviews and also share rants and my poetry.


I love to take photos, see some of my work here.



The sound of his deep voice penetrated my sleep and I opened my eyes. There he was, sitting on the side of the bed all dressed in blue. Half his face was covered in blue face-paint and what should be white in his eyes were also covered in blue. There was a darkness shining out of them even though he was smiling.

He was playing with his switchblade while his twisted eyes traced over my bare skin. I twitched as the cold blade met my leg as he stroke it with the blunt side down.

“Cut him” a voice even more twisted than his eyes whispered inside my head.
“No.” I answered.
“Are you defying me Emelie?” the voice laughed.
“I’ll never hurt him!” I burst out and jumped up in a sitting position on the bed.

Tony just looked at me with delight. He licked his lips and placed his hand on my chin and forced me to look at him.

“You’re such a good and loyal girl aren’t you? You’re making me so, SO proud”