In the Life of a Miner

When I came to the city I asked myself: what do you want to do? None of my prior experiences seemed like a qualificator for any of the jobs listed (well maybe butcher, but I really didn’t want to do those things to the chickens).

I tried several different things. I went out to the sea on a fishingboat, (in a skirt nonetheless. If you’re female be sure to bring your own work-clothes cause this firm seems to have little-to-no work ethics) and explored the tailoring factory (next up on my list is the lumber job). For a brief moment I was a busrdriver but the dangers that came with that job was not worth it.

What you need to ask yourself when looking for a job is, just that: What am I looking for?

Fishing was my least favorite thing. It was great to get a chance to get that far out on the ocean with a boat, but the fishing in itself didn’t provide any stimulation. You couldn’t carry that much fish and there was a long drive for delivering the fish you caught. I didn’t check what the fish sold for at the time so I can’t make a proper comparison with the jobs I did try.

Tailoring was pretty great, but mindnumbing. If you’re interested in a job that pays well, is mainly located in the city where you’re free to think about whatever while you work then tailoring is for you.

Mining provides great stimuli, has a variety of different work tasks to offer and pays the most.

It starts with a drive up to the rock area where you mine for minreals which you later need to wash at a different location. When you’ve washed the rocks from their dirt you head back into the city to smelt. The rocks are very heavy so you can’t carry that many, but they give a lot of different types of ore and if you’re lucky a diamond now and again. If I fill my trunk up with rocks I can work for days in the city before I have to head up north to mine more.

After you’ve smelted the rocks you can carry in a bag you need to drive to different locations in the city and sell the minerals. I found that the best way to save time is to deliver copper and iron and put gold in your van and sell every other drive until you’ve freed up enough space in your trunk. You deviler the gold at the north part of the city, so if you stock up the gold and sell a lot of them at the end you don’t have to drive as far if you want to go and mine some more.

This job really provides things to do and there’s not a lot of standing around (and if you want to get money fast this is the job for you). Just put on a podcast or some music and enjoy the life of a miner.

Amy Carlsen

Is there a job you want me to try or food you want me to taste? Just send me an e-mail at Wa1fuwu aka

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