The Best Job in The City

Finding the best job in the city can be a difficult task. It depends on what you find important? Is it being able to mindlessly scroll through twitter with one hand and work with the other? Or is it hard work that pays a lot?

In my previous post “In the Life of a Miner” I covered mining, tailoring, fishing and being a busdriver. Since then I have tried and tested the jobs available to everyone in the city.

As in my previous article it all depends on what you enjoy. The jobs that require the least of you but still give you a decent amount of money is the work of a Lumberjack and Tailor. They’re very straightforward and similar, but the difference is that as a lumberjack you do most of your work outside of the city. You chop wood, cut it up and then make it into planks, drive back and sell it in the city. It has two locations and you have time to take two runs in an hour (remember to fill your van with planks and carry as many as you can on your person to make the most amount of money).

With tailoring you drive out of the city and collect wool, head back to the factory and create fabric and then use the fabric to create clothes. There is some running back and forth to your van unloading and loading it. You then travel to a third location to sell your clothes. You can do one run in 42 minutes. If you add up to what you earn each hour, the lumberjack pays more and it’s as straight forward as tailoring. You can also bring a bag and fill it with weed on your way up to collect wool and process it on the way down as you pass it with your van anyway. If you do that the tailoring route takes exactly 1 hour and you get more variety in your shift.

Oil refinery is the same style of job, but it has a lot of more travel routes and pays around the same so more work: same amount of pay. Unless you’re really into the industry I wouldn’t recommend it. It does show you some cool new areas though so it might be worth it just for the experience.

The best paying jobs

There are two jobs that top all others when it comes to salary. Mining and, surprisingly, being a pool cleaner. The job is a lot of work: driving around to a lot of different locations (some who are difficult to find and access) and then scrubbing the pools clean. But the tip is crazy. I didn’t even realise as I only got receipts but when I turned them in my pockets were heavy!

I’ve already gone over mining but I thought I should mention it again. It pays a lot but it is hard work. Not only does it require a lot of back and forth to your vehicle as well driving. You need to keep track of your gas so you don’t find yourself stranded somewhere innapropriate.

So what is the best job in the city?

Well, that is entierly up to you. What do you prefer? What are your goals? Are you looking to be entertained or are you looking to make money? Both? There are also other jobs like being a mechanic or a taxi driver, but for those jobs you need an interview and I have not been able to get one yet. I hope to review the life as a taxi driver soon enough.

What about part-time jobs?

Getting a part-time job is a great way to make extra money on your days off or if you just want to try something new without quitting your current job. There are a lot of different jobs to try and Pizza Delivery is just one of them. Want me to try them out? Let me know in the comments!

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