Behind The Shaft

It didn’t take long after I came to the city that I heard rumors of a haunted mineshaft, and curious as I am I decided it was time to break through the barricade and take a look for myself.

Now, to break through this barricade you’re going to need something a little stronger than an axe. Lucky for me I stumbled upon former Chief of Police John Stryker who helped me get through the front.

What met our eyes behind the boards was a long, dark tunnel. There was an eerie blue light that danced across the walls and the sound of the wind from the deep dark almost sounded like a woman wailing. Against my better judgement we ventured into what would later be known as the tunnels who haunts my dreams.

The mine has several tunnels and it’s easy to get lost. You can’t exoplore the full depths of the mine as most paths lead to other barricaded paths. We didn’t trust the old tunnels structure enough to try and force our way through.

Oddly enough there are still tools and supplies hanging on the walls and if you look at them with the light provided by the mine (which is still a mystery as to where it came from) it almost looks as if there was a human standing in the tunnels.

In the end we didn’t find anything too out of the ordinary down in the shaft, but there was one event that took place that went by us unnoticed. It wasn’t until I was home looking through the photographs that I found one that I did not take myself..

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