Rants & Poetry

There’s No Place Like Home.

I left but…things don’t feel like they should. I felt Her creeping around in the shadows and I was afraid to be engulfed again, I was afraid to ruin what is. But there’s this…feeling that…if I let Her out, I get to see You again.

But I don’t want that. She is a part of Him and I have left Him behind. It’s difficult to find footing when I’m escaping.

That’s what I’m doing right? I didn’t go to my therapy session and then I just decided to ditch town. It’s not right.

But it was just so painfully amazing to be close to you and talk to you again. I’m afraid that’s going to drive Her back. I had a moment sitting where it all ended, writing manically in my diary. I haven’t dared to re-read it until now and it’s…she’s all over the words.

I had to leave. But I don’t know for how long I can stay away. If I avoid people and stay away I…I only have myself to keep me company and that’s not…not good. Not good at all…

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