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Updates from the Lodge

I’ve gotten myself a room up by the lodge on the outskirts of Paleto and actually gotten the manager position of the hunting store there. I’m excited to stock the store, but I can’t let it distract me from the othe rjob I’m currently on a test period of: the mech job.

I’ve really focused on my photography lately, and the goal is to share my series 6am soon. I’m looking for some finalizing pieces to make it all come together. Overall I feel… well I feel pretty OK and stable.

I went on a photo-trip with a friend and it got a lot longer than planned and I didn’t bring my meds. Afterwards he drove me straight to my motel room at the lodge and I didn’t have time to go by past my appartment to get more. I’ve been off them for a couple of days now, maybe I’ll be fine like this?

Anyway, what’s in store for me is to get to work and also post some of my latest photography.

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